"Visit to Utharpally  village by IITH Team visit on 1st nov, 2014":



Key observations

  • Detailed discussion was carried out with Sarpanch (Mrs.Aparna & Mr. Prasad) about the village
    problems and their plans for the developments.
  • Collected letter about their participation from the Sarpanch.
  • Visited school, Anganwadi kids care center.
  • Interacted with public, youth of different cast (BC,SC and others).
  • Inspected their water facility (Over Head tank and its source).
  • Inspected tank which needs de-silting.
  • Inspected wastewater disposal, storm water drains.



Interaction of IITH Team with Village SARPANCH:





Village House and mitti Roads:







  • Presently total strength is 97Nos. From class I to VII.
  • 4 teachers only working which needs supports in terms of teaching.
  • Toilets are under bad shape.
  • Mid day meals (Not nutritious).

Village kitchens:

  • Kitchen shed for preparing mid day meal.


  • Midday meal preparation, This is absolutely doesn’t contain any nutrition's Rice with  Rasam is served most of the days.



Govt. steps.: New toilets under construction



Water Resources:

  • Water source(Ground water) to tank is located at 2 km from the village.


  • Most of the bore wells were dried up and  New bore wells were unsuccessful.
  • Needs identification of groundwater source.
  • Needs artificial recharge to improve the things and
    No RO for drinking, possible water quality issues.

Tank lake no Water:

How IITH can help?        
        Based on physical observations the following improvements can be thought        
          •  We can improve school facilities and support teaching students.
          •  Drinking water facility( RO Plant)
          •  Identify groundwater potential sources, rainwater harvesting
          •  De-silting tank and watershed management
          •  Improve drainage facilities.
          •  At least we can install solar power for the emergency services like water, medical etc.
          •  Village is ready to contribute 1 lakh rupees.
          •  Youth needs technical training and rural business incubation.