Some Details About The Village:

  • About 23 km from current campus. 15 km from permanent campus.
  • Population about 1000.



Mostly Agrarian economy:

  • Cotton, sugarcan and paddy.
  • In time of scant rainfall (like this year), cotton.
  • Bore well irrigation. Not enough well, power shortage.
  • Fertilizer / Pesticide intensive farming.


  • Not much scarcity of drinking water.
  • Manjeera and bore well water tower available separately.
  • Manjeera water not clean, villagers prefer bore well water.
  • Borewell tank water chlorinate.


  • Electricity available, but erratic.
  • 6 PM to 6 AM power available, single phase.
  • 10 AM to 12.30 PM two phase.
  • Street light available, working.


  • Open drains.
  • No way to drain out water completely from the village.
  • Gets stagnated behind the village.


  • A health workers (nurse) visit the anganwadi primary school twice every month.
  • Otherwise primary health center in kondapur, about 2 km away.


  • Peaceful and progressive people. Education given priority unless overridden by economic
  • Demography: mostly minorities and scheduled castes.
  • No major diseases or illnesses.