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Vision :

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad will be the cradle for inventions and innovations. It will advance knowledge and scholarship to students in science, technology and liberal arts, and equip them to handle the challenges of the nation and the world in 21st century.

Mission : 

To be recognized as ideators and leaders in higher education and research, and to develop human power with creativity, technology and passion for the betterment of India and humankind.

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Core Values :

Integrity Honest, ethical and responsible behavior will be fundamental to all our dealings and actions
Diversity of Ideas Commit to plurality and diversity of ideas to create a robust and vibrant future
Enquiry Foster the spirit of scientific inquiry
Academic Freedom Ensure complete academic freedom in teaching and research
Service to the Nation Commit to providing technology, solutions and trained manpower for the betterment of the people of India
Transparency Have transparency on all decision matters
Environmental Stewardship Commit to developing and practicing green technologies
Excellence Endeavor to excel in research, education and student activities