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Updates: Please look here for updates on the Admission process.


General Information:

We offer M.Tech. in all the main subgroups of the department: Communications and Signal Processing (CSP), Microelectronics and VLSI (Micro), Power Electronics and Power Systems (PEPS) and Systems and Control (SysCon).

M.Tech (2 year) admission is through GATE. GATE-EC scores are needed for CSP and Micro, GATE-EE for PEPS and GATE-IN for SysCon. The department reserves the right to conduct interviews for admission to the program even if the applicant has a valid GATE score.

In addition to the two year M.Tech program, IITH also offers three year M.Tech program having greater research component. The admission for this program is through a written test followed by an interview. The candidate is selected based on performance in the interview. The syllabus for the written test are based on respective GATE syllabus, with emphasis on following areas:

CSP Signals and Systems, Discrete time Signal Processing, Linear Algebra, Probability and Random Processes, Analog and digital communications.
Micro Semiconductor devices, Discrete time signal processing, Electrical networks, Digital electronics and circuits, Analog electronics and circuits
PEPS Electrical networks, Electrical machines, Power systems, Power electronics, Control systems, Linear algebra, Signals and systems
SysCon Electrical Networks, Linear Algebra, Control systems, System design, Advanced Control


The department has the right not to select any if appropriate candidates are not found.

Please go through the brochure for some more details: M.Tech Brochure

The cutoff GATE scores for MTech (2 year) admissions for August-2016 were:

  Open OBC(NC) SC ST
CSP 750 714 529 416
Micro 755 732 530 434
Power 768 745 NA NA
Syscon 757 727 574 NA
This was was last updated on 13th November, 2016.