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  1. Micro/nano electronics & fluidics

  2. 3-D ICs, 3-D MEMS


  1. Device characterization lab 

  2. Microelectronics Fabrication Lab

  3. CMOS Process Design and Simulation lab

  4. VLSI Design Lab


  1. Process Design & Fab. of RF MEMS Devices

    • RS Project - RCI. 16 th Feb 2011.
      PL: Dr. SG Singh, Dr. Asudeb Dutta

  2. Low temperature Cu-Cu bonding

    • INUP, IIT Bombay
      PL: Dr. SG Singh



New Research Projects Initiative

  1. Innovation Hub for NANO-X

    • Funding agency: DIT
      PL: Dr. SG Singh, Dr. Asudeb Dutta

  2. A novel wafer to wafer 3D integration scheme: Low Temperature Simultaneous Cu-Cu and Compliant High-k Dielectric Self Compressed Direct Hybrid Bonding

    • Funding agency: DST Nano Mission
      PL: Dr. SG Singh

  3. Design of a Si-solar cell based micro-scale energy harvesting systems for ultra-low-power application

    • Funding agency: Naval Services
      PL: Dr. SG Singh, Dr. Asudeb Dutta


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