BTech in Electrical Engineering (IC Design and Technology)

Semiconductor ICs are the backbone of the current revolution in electronics and computing. The Indian government has recently launched India Semiconductor Mission with a vision to enable India's emergence as a global hub for electronics manufacuring and design. IIT Hyderabad has launched a new BTech(EE) specialization in IC Design and Technology in 2022 with an objective to create industry ready undergraduate manpower for Integrated Circuits (IC) design and IC manufacturing industry. This course equips the student to pursue a career in this specialization.

We all know that 20% of world's design engineers are coming from India, and now time has come to produce engineers and technicians for semiconductor manufacturing and packaging. I am happy to note that IIT Hyderabad has launched BTech course for semiconductor design and manufacuring. Such programs will go a long way in making India a semiconductor talent nation.
Shri Amitesh Kumar Sinha, Joint Secretary, MeitY, Govt. of India.

Key features and curriculum

  • Curriculum designed in consultation with the industry
  • Hands-on training in the state of the art design tools and equipment
  • IITH has offered a successful MTech program in Microelectronics and VLSI for more than a decade
  • The options of Honors and Minors are available for this program as well. The student has to complete an additional 12 credits to earn them.
  • Oppurtunities for industry internships during the program
The curriculum for BTech in Electrical Engineering(IDT) overlaps with BTech in EE in the first two years. The courses in third and fourth years of the program will focus on IC Design and Technology. Detailed curriculum is available here. Some of the electives planned for this program are:

Design Electives

Digital IC Design (ASIC and FPGA), Analog IC Design, CMOS RFIC Design, Mixed Signal circuit Design, VLSI Digital Signal Processing, Memory Circuits and System, PMIC Design, Integrated circuits for wireless communication, VLSI design-for-test (DFT)

Device Theory and Modelling Electives

Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices, Nanoelectronics: Principles and devices, Mesoscopic Device Electronics, Introduction to Photovoltaics, Power Semiconductor Devices, Computational Nanoelectronics, Integrated Photonics, Nano and Quantum Photonics, Semiconductor Optoelectronics

Fabrication and Packaging Electives

VLSI Technology, Nanofabrication in the 21st century, More than Moore Electronics, Heterogeneous Integration of III-V, Introduction to MEMS, Semiconductor Packaging Technology