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List of Course Running in Jan-Apr 2019 Semester

Code Course Name Instructor Slot
EE1040 Matrix Analysis Prof Zafar A:12:221
ID1360 Embedded Programming Dr. Shishir D:34:221
ID1370 DSP Dr. KSRM B:12:221
EE1370 Data Analytics Dr. Abhinav Q:14:221
EE1210 Basic Control Theory Dr. Vanjari B:34:112
EE1390 Intro to AI and ML Dr. GVV Sharma Y:34:Auditorium
EE1120 Digital System Design Dr. Gajendra F:56:112
EE1360 Communication Systems Dr. Sai Dhiraj R:12:LH1
EE1050 Network Theory and Synthesis Dr. Seshadri/Dr. Vanjari C:14:LH1
EE1193 Introduction to Hardware Description Languages Dr. Shishir D:36:221
EE2220 AC Machines Dr. Rupesh S:36:221
EE2189 Physics of MOS Transistors Dr. Naresh F:14:LH1
EE2227 Control Systems Dr. Zafar A:36:221
EE2370 Advanced DSP Dr. Kiran S:14:C-LH6
EE2211 Electrical Machines Lab Dr. Ravi AN1/AN4:C307
EE2340 Information Sciences Dr. Lakshmi Prasad B:12:LH1
ID1393 Introduction to Drones Dr. Raji S:56:Audi
EE1025 IDP Dr. Seshadri W:56:221
EE5267 Analysis of DC Machines and Reference Frame Theory Dr. Seshadri G:12:112
EE5277 Analysis of AC Machines Dr. Seshadri G:36:112
EE5280 Basics of Power System Protection Dr. Ravi S:12:112
EE5290 Advanced Power System Protection Dr. Ravi S:36:112
EE6220 HVDC and FACTS Dr. Vaskar R:16:112
EE7230 Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control Dr. Vaskar C:16:221
EE7240 Multilevel Inverters Dr. Siva Kumar B:36:221
EE6260 Control of Power Converters Dr. Rupesh F:14:221
EE5168 Embedded Systems: Hardware Languages Dr. Shishir G:12:221
EE5158 Advanced Digital IC Design Dr. Amit E:14:112
EE5149 VLSI Technology Dr. Naresh/Dr. Vanjari D:36:112
EE5129 Advanced Analog IC Design Dr. Gajendra B:56:A112
EE5159 Microfabrication and Device Simulation laboratory Dr. Naresh/Dr. Kaushik AN2
EE5138 Chips to System Design Laboratory Dr. Gajendra AN5
EE7117 More Than Moore Electronics Dr. SGS G:36:221
EE 6170 Mesoscopic Device Electronics Dr. Kaushik C:16:112
EE6120 Nanoelectronics: Devices and principles Dr. Sushmee A:16:112
EE5152 Fundamental of RF Microelectronics Dr. Ashudeb P:12:221
EE5153 Design of CMOS RFIC Dr. Ashudeb P:34:221
EE5154 Implementation of RFIC CMOS modules Dr. Ashudeb P:56:221
EE5603 Concentration Inequalities Dr. Sumohana E:12:LH1
EE5604 Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory Dr. Sumohana E:34:LH1
EE5605 Kernel Methods Dr. Sumohana E:56:LH1
EE5327 Optimization Dr. GVV Sharma Z:34:112
EE5606 Convex optimization Dr. Aditya S:14:221
EE 5607 ML - Hardware Implementation Dr. Amit C:56:LH1
EE6337 Deep Learning Dr. Sumohana B:34:LH1
EE5608 Sequence Modelling Dr. KSRM B:56:LH1
EE5815 MTech Thesis Stage - I 16  
EE5847 Information Theory Dr. Lakshmi Prasad B:12:LH1
EE5811 FPGA Lab Dr. GVV AN5 (5.30-8.30 PM)
EE5611 Machine Learning Applications for Wireless Communications Dr. Sai Dhiraj R:36:112
EE5328 Introduction to Submodular functions Dr. Aditya S:56:221
EE2350 Complex Analysis in Electrical Engineering Dr. GVV Q:56:112
EE6330 Advanced Cellular Communications Dr. Kiran Kuchi A:16:LH1
EE5720 Game Theory Dr. Abhinav P:56:LH1
EE6320 Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Rajalakshmi Q:36:112
EE5390 Source Coding Dr. Soumya Jana G:34:LH1
EE6317 Channel Coding Dr. Lakshmi Prasad/Dr. Soumya F:56:221
EE5342 Detection Theory Dr. Soumya Jana P:12:LH1
EE5357 Estimation Theory Dr. Soumya Jana P:34:112
EE5848 Topics in Information Theory & Coding Dr. Lakshmi Prasad R:36:LH1
EE5460 Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Dr. Ketan Q:14:LH1
EE5221 Advanced Control Lab Dr. Ketan Wed; 5-8 pm
EE5406 Systems & Control Seminar 16  
EE5470 Nonlinear Control Techniques Dr. Ketan Q:56:LH1
EE4025 EE Independent Project