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List of Course Running in Aug-Dec 2018 Semester

ID1310 Electric Circuits 12:E:Audi Dr. Ashudeb
ID1320 Magnetic Circuits 56:E:Audi Dr. Ashudeb
ID1330 Applied Digital Logic Design 12:R:LH1 Dr. Gajendra
ID1340 Digital System Design 34:R:LH1 Dr. GVV
ID1350 Internet of Things (IOT) 12:S:Auditorium Dr. Raji
ID1393 Introduction to Drones 56:S:Auditorium Dr. Raji
ID1035 Independent Project NA Dr. Seshadri
EE1010 Electric Circuits 12:E:112 Dr. Sushmee
EE1020 Magnetic Circuits 56:E:112 Dr. Sushmee
EE1110 Applied Digital Logic Design 12:R:112 Dr. GVV
EE1350 Signals and Systems 34:E:112 Dr. KSRM
GV:1083 Introduction to Computing 14:A:LH1 Dr. GVV
EE2193 Embedded Programming -II 56:B:221 Dr. Shishir
EE2210 Transformers and DC Machines 14:C:LH1 Dr. Pradeep
EE2010 Engineering Electromagnetics 14:B:221 Dr. Seshadri
EE2137 Analog Electronics II 34:D:LH1 Dr. Gajendra
EE2310 Random Processes 56:E:LH1 Dr. Aditya
EE2188 Electronic Devices and Circuits 12:D:LH1 Dr. Naresh
EE2320 Digital Modulation Techniques 12:Q:221 Dr. Abhinav
EE3015 Independent Project NA Dr. Kaushik
EE3210 Smat grid 12:Q:LH1 Dr. Pradeep
EE3220 Power System Practice 36:F:LH1 Dr. Seshadri
EE2237 Power Electronics 56:R:LH1 Dr. GVV
EE5113 Introduction to VLSI Design 36:G:221 Dr. Naresh
EE3317 Advanced DSP (BTech) 14:B:LH1 Dr. Kiran
EE4015 EE Independent Project NA Dr. SRK
EE5807 Advanced DSP (MTech) 14:B:112 Dr. Soumya
EE5817 Random Variables 14:E:221 Dr. Aditya
EE5827 Random Processes 56:E:LH1 Dr. Aditya
EE5837 Digital Modulation 12:Q:221 Dr. Abhinav
EE 5207 Steady State Modeling of Power Systems 12:G:112 Dr. Ravi Kumar
EE 5217 Computer Aided Power System Analysis 36:G:112 Dr. Ravi Kumar
EE 5227 Basics of Power Electronic Converters 12:S:LH1 Dr. Siva Kumar
EE5237 Analysis and Design of Power Electronic Converters 36:S:LH1 Dr. Siva Kumar
EE 5247 Dynamics of Power System Components 14:D:221 Dr. Vaskar Sarkar
EE 5257 Power System Stability Analysis 56:D:221 Dr. Vaskar Sarkar
EE5440 Classical control techniques for MIMO systems (Core-1) 12:C:112 Dr. Ketan Detroja
EE5450 State feedback control (Core-2) 34:C:112 Dr. Ketan Detroja
EE5600 Introduction to AI & ML 12:C:LH1 Dr. Sumohana
EE5601 Representation Learning 34:C:LH1 Dr. Sumohana
EE5602 Probabilistic Graphical Models 56:C:LH1 Dr. Sumohana
EE5609 Matrix Theory 16:F:221 "Dr. Sumohana
EE 6247 Introduction to Smart Grids 12:Q:LH1 Dr. Pradeep
EE 6257 Smart Grid Design and Implementation Aspects 36:Q:LH1 Dr. Pradeep
EE6277 Grid Integration of PV Systems 34:F:112 Dr. Vaskar
EE5420 Introduction to Compressed Sensing 12:G:221 Prof. Vidyasagar
EE 7350 Adaptive Signal Processing 16:D:112 Dr. Murty
EE 6350 Multiple Antenna Systems. 16:P:112 Dr. Lakshmi Prasad
EE5350 Error Correcting Codes 16:A:112 Prof. Zafar
EE5337 Advanced Digital Communications 36:Q:221 Dr. Abhinav
EE5320 Digital Communications 16:Q:221 Dr. Abhinav
EE5347 Adaptive Filters 56:C:LH1 Dr. GVV
EE5307 Complex Analysis in Electrical Engineering 12:S:221 Dr. GVV
EE5327 Optimization 56:R:112 Dr. GVV
EE5107 Semiconductor Physical Electronics 14:A:221 Dr. Kaushik
EE5117 Microelectronic Device Physics 56:A:221 Dr. Kaushik
EE5157 CMOS Processing and Wafer Technology 12:G:C423 Dr. Naresh
EE5137 Mixed Signal Circuit Design 56:P:221 Dr. Gajendra
EE5127 Analog IC Design 14:P:221 Dr. Gajendra
EE5147 Digital IC Design 14:R:221 Dr. Amit
EE5167 Embedded System Hardware and Design 36:S:221 Dr. Shishir
EE5199 Introduction to MEMS 34:P:LH1 Dr. SGS
EE 6410 Biomedical IC Design 12:F:LH1 34:E:LH1 Dr. Raji + Dr. Amit
EE7130 Packaging Technology 16:S:112 Dr. SGS
EE 5201 Power System Lab 14:FN4 Dr. Ravi Kumar
EE 6211 Power Electronics Lab 14:FN5 Dr. Siva Kumar
EE5801 CSP Lab 16:AN5 Dr. Kiran/Abhinav
EE5301 DSP Lab 14:AN2 Dr. Kiran/Abhinav
EE5136 IC characterisation laboratory 14:FN1 Dr. Ashudeb
EE5128 Analog IC Design Lab 56:FN2 Dr. Gajendra
EE5148 Digital IC Design Lab 56:FN5 Dr. Amit