Nanofabrication and Characterization Facilities

This is a partial listing of facilities that are available in Electrical Engineering Department. In addition we have a number of high end tools available in other departments which are accessible to EE faculty and students. We are also in the process of building a new cleanroom at our permanent campus to house the nanofabrication and characterization facilities.

Sl. No Equipment Model and Brief Specification Location, Pricipal/Secondary Contact Further Details
1. Ebeam Lithography Tender for procurement floated NA
2. ICP- RIE Tender for procurement to be floated
3. Photolithography - Mask Aligners Suss Microtec MA6/BA6 Prof. Shiv Govind Singh Further Information
4. Ebeam Evaporation System Prof. Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari
Nano-X workshop
Further Information
5. Semiconductor Device Analyzer Keithley 4200 SCS/ Agilent B1500A Prof. Ashudeb Dutta/Prof. Shiv Govind Singh Further Information
6. Plasma Enhanced CVD Prof. Shiv Govind Singh
Nano centre, workshop, ODF
Further Information
7. Laser Lithography System Prof. Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari
Nano-X, ODF
Further Information
8. Sputtering System ATC Orion Series UHV Prof. Shiv Govind Singh ....
9. Probe Station CASCADE MICROTECH USA Prof. Ashudeb Dutta Further Information
10. 150 MM Manual Probe Stations SUMMIT 11000 Series Prof. Shiv Govind Singh Further Information
11. Digital Acoustic Microscope C-SAM D9500 Prof. Shiv Govind Singh
NanoX lab, ODF
Further Information
12. Wafer Bonder Platform AML Aligner Wafer Bonder - AWB -04 Prof. Shiv Govind Singh AML AWB Flyer
13. Silicon Etch using XeF2 .... Prof. Shiv Govind Singh ....
14. Critical Point Drying Equipment .... Prof. Shiv Govind Singh ....
15. Light Water Bonding Inspection .... Prof. Shiv Govind Singh ....